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The Lasallian Education Council (LEC) is an innovative structure for sharing the responsibility for the Lasallian mission among the De La Salle Christian Brothers (Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools) and Lasallian Partners in the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN), and on behalf of all those who participate in the mission. The diversity of Lasallians in the Region is reflected in the membership of the Council, which consists of 12-15 members and includes both Brothers and Partners.

Established by the Regional Conference of Christian Brothers (RCCB) in 2011, the LEC is responsible for the oversight of mission formation/education programs and the expansion of mission-related activities and ministries. It also serves as a platform for mission-related collaboration among the Districts and creates greater partnerships within and outside the Lasallian world to strengthen the legacy of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

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Executive Committee
  • Develops the proposed agenda for Council meetings
  • Maintains oversight of the Council charter and policy handbook regarding its review and revision
  • Organizes the performance evaluation of the executive director
  • Coordinates the identification of prospective members of the Council and organizes a process for review and approval of candidates
Finance and Advancement Committee
  • Develops proposed Council standards/metrics for evaluating the development of the annual operating budget by the executive director
  • Organizes the review of budget proposals for Council consideration
  • Reviews proposals from the executive director concerning advancement/marketing/fundraising strategies for presentation to the Council
  • Reviews policies and charter documents related to the above tasks
Council Formation and Mission Advancement Committee
  • Organizes and arranges for a substantive formation experience at each of the Council meetings
  • Identifies and proposes topics for Council discussion and action regarding the carrying out of the Council’s core responsibility to advance the Lasallian mission in RELAN
  • Advocacy