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Lasallian Saints & Blesseds

Saint John Baptist de La Salle, Founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, was canonized in 1900 and named the patron saint of teachers in 1950. In addition to the Founder, 13 De La Salle Christian Brothers have been canonized, 150 have been beatified, and eight have been declared venerable. Five are on the path of holiness with the process started or nearly concluded.


Saint Benildus Romançon, FSC, 1805-1862 (Feast day: August 13)
Saint Miguel Febres Cordero, FSC, 1854-1910 (Feast day: February 9)
Saint Mutien-Marie Wiaux, FSC, 1841-1917 (Feast day: January 30)
Saint Jaime Hilario Barbal, FSC, 1898-1937 (Feast day: October 9)
Saint Martyrs of Turón, 1934 (Feast day: October 9)
Saint Solomon Le Clercq, FSC, 1745-1792 (Feast day: September 2)


Blessed Martyrs of the Rochefort, 1794 (Feast day: September 2)
Blessed Martyrs of Almeria, 1936 (Feast day: November 6)
Blessed Arnold Rèche, FSC, 1838-1890 (Feast day: October 23)
Blessed Scubilion Rousseau, FSC, 1797-1867 (Feast day: September 27)
Blessed Martyrs of Valencia, 1936 (Feast day: November 6)
Blessed Leonardo José and Companions, Martyrs in Spain (Feast day: November 6)
Blessed Raphael Louis Rafiringa, FSC, 1856-1919 (Feast day: May 19)

Venerables & Servants of God

Ven. Alpert Motsch, FSC, 1849-1898
Ven. Exupérien Mas, FSC, 1829-1905
Ven. Gregorio Buhl, FSC, 1896-1973
Ven. Teodoreto Garberoglio, FSC, 1871-1954
Ven. Adolfo Châtillon, FSC, 1871-1929
Ven. Andrés Hibernon, FSC, 1880-1969
Ven. Juan Fromental Cayroche, FSC, 1895-1978
Ven. Adolfo Lanzuela, FSC, 1894-1976
Brother Victorino Nymphas, FSC, 1885-1966
Brother James Miller, FSC, 1944-1982


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