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The Lasallian Leadership Institute (LLI) was put on hiatus in 2012 to undergo a thorough review and evaluation. That evaluation led to the conclusion of LLI and the launch of a new program, the Brother John Johnston Institute of Contemporary Lasallian Practice.

LLI began in 1997 and served approximately 800 Lasallians by giving them a deeper understanding of Lasallian heritage and preparing them to be leaders in the mission.

The program integrated and promoted the Lasallian heritage in the personal and professional lives of ministry leaders as future catalysts of the Lasallian mission. The three-year program consisted of a one-week session during the summer and a weekend session in the fall and in the spring. Each year focused on a particular theme: Year I—Creative Fidelity to the Founding Story, Year II—Spiritual Leadership in Lasallian Ministries, and Year III—Lasallian Leadership in the Educational Community. Participants were able to earn graduate credit.

“I’ve become acutely aware of Saint La Salle’s exhortation to touch hearts first and foremost.”

Rosemary Gedeik, teacher, La Salle College High School, Wyndmoor, PA

(Spring 2012)


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