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Administrator’s Toolbox

The Role of the Administrator in Lasallian Mission Education and Formation

For more than 40 years, Lasallian schools have offered mission education and formation programs at the local, District and Regional levels to ensure that all Lasallians are well versed in the mission and charism of Lasallian Education.

Lasallian Mission Formation and Education does not happen in isolation during the formal formation activities; rather it is a collaborative and cooperative process which builds relationships within ministries, within Districts, and across Districts. The goal of Lasallian Mission Education and Formation is to further animate the Lasallian Mission in the school/ministry.

Lasallian Mission Education and Formation involves accompaniment. In some schools/ministries this accompaniment is done by the chief administrator, while in other places it may be done by members of an animation team or a recent graduate of a formation program. Regardless of who is assigned to accompany those in Mission Education and Formation, this toolbox was developed to provide information and resources to help support the process.

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