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Administrator’s Toolbox – How to Accompany and Resources

How to Accompany

Ongoing accompaniment is an important aspect of Lasallian Mission Education and Formation. Accompanying someone on his/her Lasallian journey means to not only send them to Lasallian Mission Education and Formation, but to also engage them in their formation by regular check-ins with them throughout the experience, and by offering encouragement to deepen their commitment to the Lasallian Mission.

Accompaniment can occur in many forms: structured and unstructured; one-on-one, or in small groups.

Among the questions which administrators might ask of their participants in Mission Education and Formation are:

  • How are your studies going?
  • What is the best thing that you have learned in your formation so far?
  • How do you see what you are learning affecting our ministry?
  • Do you have any thoughts in how you might become more involved in animating the Lasallian Mission at our ministry?
  • Does your training require a final capstone project? If yes, what are you thinking about in terms of your project?
  • How can I support you as you participate in this formation?

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To be engaged in Lasallian formation involves a commitment to the Lasallian Mission, both personally and professionally. Through formation, we strive to develop a sense of belonging and community, which strengthens commitment to the Lasallian Educational Mission at the local, District and Regional levels.

Resources to Assist the Chief Administrator

There is a wealth of resources available online and through your District Offices for Mission and Formation and on the Districts’ websites, which are linked below:

Additionally, the Regional website has a Lasallian resources section of the website, which includes prayer services, writings of the Founder and other noted Lasallians, Regional statistics and much more.

Thank you for your partnership on behalf of Lasallian Educational Mission and Formation. We invite you to explore the pages in this section of the website that offer details on the programs to learn more.

If you have questions regarding how to select participants, the programs, or your role in accompaniment, email Mark Freund, Executive Director, Office for Lasallian Education at or call 202-529-0047.