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5 Core Principles

Lasallian is a term to describe a person who is personally fulfilling the mission set forth by Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

Being Lasallian is based on five core principles, in no particular order or priority: Concern for the Poor and Social Justice; Faith in the Presence of God; Quality Education; Respect for all Persons; Inclusive Community

In its broadest sense, being Lasallian focuses on attitudes and views of education rather than formal structures. The Lasallian vocation to compassion, commitment and togetherness comes in various shapes and sizes. It has already done so in the course of its history, and it is set to develop completely new forms to meet the needs of today. This is the story of Lasallian Association today.

Lasallian can be used to indicate a whole variety of things, but a Lasallian is anyone (married, single, consecrated, ordained) who is personally committed to living the gospel values and working to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor.

A Lasallian is one who can transform the general Christian call to discipleship into a personal vocation, living out in a specific way the call to make Christ present in the world of today.

Just as De La Salle went through a process of personal conversion, which made him face up to the full logic of his faith in Christ and the effects of applying the call to discipleship to his own life, a Lasallian is committed to the respect and reverence of others as valuable and important in the eyes of God. This leads to a view that the education of the individual is something supremely valuable and worthwhile for its own sake, not just for the convenience of society.

Create a Five Core Meal experience at your ministry:

(Adapted from Brother Terry Collins)

5 Core Principles

Concern for the Poor and Social Justice

We are in solidarity with the poor and advocate for those suffering from injustices.

Faith in the Presence of God

We believe in the living presence of God in our students, our community and our world.

Quality Education

We engage in quality education together as students, staff and faculty by thinking critically and examining our world in light of faith.

Respect for all Persons

We honor and respect the dignity of all individuals.

Inclusive Community

We celebrate diversity and welcome all members of our community.