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Across the United States, Canada and around the globe, Lasallians are working hard to provide education for today’s youth.

Brothers, educators and Partners come from all ages and all walks of life to promote a Christian attitude in service especially to those from underserved settings.

Some Lasallians today are among the youngest group following the mission set forth more than 300 years ago. They are learning the social values and service that will lead them to prominent roles within our society, possibly someday returning to their Lasallian heritage, working in schools and ministries throughout the world.

Lasallian Volunteers are college graduates who postpone the opportunity to jump right into the workforce in order that they may offer one or two years serving alongside Lasallian educators.

Lasallian Partners provide professional services and support that make promoting and administering the work of the hundreds in the Lasallian Region of North America.


[lah – sal – yuhn]


person who is called by God to work for the poor, through the movement of the holy spirit, following the mission set forth by Saint John Baptist de La Salle