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Associative Groups

LAMM (Lasallian Association of Metropolitan Ministries)

Associative group of committed Lasallians from the New York area schools and ministries.

PALM (Philadelphia Area Lasallian Ministries)

Philadelphia Area Lasallian Ministries (PALM) is a grassroots group of Lasallian educators – Brothers and lay Partners – who share a desire to deepen Lasallian Association in service of the shared educational mission. PALM offers varied opportunities for growth in faith, community, collaboration, and Christian service.

RILAG (Rhode Island Lasallian Association Group)

This organization began in 2005 through the leadership of Brothers Charles Kitson, Frederick Mueller, William Mann, and Michael Reis. The group was begun to “build strong connections and communities” and to “demonstrate the sense of Lasallian mission, values, and worth.” It meets six times a year on topics that center on the three Lasallian pillars of faith, service, and community. There are also opportunities for service and socializing throughout the year.

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