Renovations Improve Notre-Dame de la Rouge

New dorms

New dorms

Renovations are underway at Notre-Dame de la Rouge, a retreat center in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, Québec, including new dorms and a new sewage system.

Notre-Dame de la Rouge opened in the 1940s as a summer location for the Ottawa Juniorates. Buildings were added as the needs increased and it slowly developed into a retreat center for youth.

Today, Notre-Dame de la Rouge offers activities to thousands of students every year, mostly from high schools in Québec and Ontario. It also works with the St. Jérôme Diocese, in which it is located. Over the years, it has developed a reputation for offering a spiritual formation to 12-17 year olds. The center also organizes summer camps for at least six weeks.

New garage

New garage

The center is situated at the crossing of two rivers, but the land did not belong to the District of Francophone Canada until a few years ago. Until then, the center was not permitted to build permanent structures and could only use mobile buildings. This prompted the need for a major renovation as the buildings’ conditions deteriorated.

Improvements include:

    • constructing a new main building next winter,
    • transforming the two old dorms, which will be demolished when the new building is complete, into a temporary dining room and kitchen,
    • replacing the old dorms with two larger dorms, which were refurbished buildings moved from a high school nearly 200 miles away,
    • tearing down small buildings to make space for the new dorms,
    • building a new garage with three overhead electric doors, which is currently being used as a temporary meeting room, and
    • replacing the sewage system with a new, compact, pollution-free system.
Old buildings to be torn down

Old buildings to be torn down

The building renovations started in the fall of 2013, with the sewage system work starting at least one year earlier. The cost of the renovations will be approximately $1.6 million.

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